Best Sex Positions for Plus-Size Couples

You don’t have to look like you’re the winner of a toned ass contest to feel relaxed in bed. However, popular positions may not deliver the desired pleasure if they don’t take into account the characteristics of your body.

Fullness can have two main difficulties. First, a large belly of one or both partners sometimes makes penetration difficult. If you want intense frictions, you will have to think carefully about your position.

Second, if an obese partner is on top, it can be difficult for someone down there. To solve this problem, you choose a right position where the second person doesn’t bear the first person’s weight. Plus-size women should be especially careful with positions where a man holds them in his arms: however, acrobatics should be approached consciously with any weight.

During intimacy, you can use any sex toys, but if you are thinking of buying special furniture (such as sex swing), please note that they have weight restrictions. It’s designed to withstand not only you, but also your partner. The same applies to sex on the table.

All these are just general warnings: your specific sexual scenario may not fall within the framework. Adapt classics to your shapes. Look for new non-standard moves and try all positions that seem comfortable. We will recommend those that are most likely to bring pleasure.



This position is suitable for partners where only a man or woman is full, as well as for couples where both lovers are endowed with curvy forms. The advantage is that partners don’t put pressure on each other, and it allows you to enjoy sex without losing the rhythm due to uncomfortable position.

But what sex positions can drive your partner crazy?

“Doggy Style” position can be used in different ways:

  • The woman lies down on her stomach; the man penetrates from behind, leaning on his knees. It will be convenient if only a woman is overweight.
  • The woman is on all fours, leaning on the bed on her elbows or palms.
  • The woman is standing on the floor, leaning her hands on the sofa (table, etc.).

The man, once behind, penetrates as much as possible, and curvy forms aren’t a problem at all. Moreover, the man can hold woman’s thighs with his hands, or caress her breasts.



The classic version of this position is very convenient for couples where a man is overweight. In this case, his belly would not hinder woman, she will sit on man as on a soft pillow!

If a woman can boast of a curvy body, then there’s no need to refuse the “Rider” either. Even if you’re complaining about your forms, this position will work, but in a slightly modified form:

  • The man lies on his back; the woman straddle him, facing his feet. This way the woman won’t only hide her belly rolls from the eyes of her lover, but also shift the center of gravity.
  • The woman rests her hands on the bed or sofa.

You can also have sex on a soft bench, where it’ll be possible to hang your legs down and plant them against the floor to minimize the pressure on the partner.

In general, it’s important to talk about low self-esteem separately. You don’t need to feel self-conscious about showing your body to your loved one, even if you are shy about it. If a man has fallen in love with you and wants to have sex with you, then he likes your body. If it were different, your partner wouldn’t be around.

A low self-esteem prevents woman to relax, so too few people can get pleasure from sex. Learn to love yourself as you are, and the world will play out in fresh colors!



Sex while lying on the side is incredibly pleasant. This way the man can penetrate as deeply as possible into the woman’s vagina, and the tight body contact gives even more pleasure. Some people believe that sideways sex position is only available to thin partners. But you need to consider different options, and plus-size couples can have sideways sex.

The woman lies on her side with her knees bent to her stomach. If the man is also overweight, the woman should just lift one leg while he penetrates. Then proceed by inertia, the body itself will tell you how to move.



This position is considered one of the best, although it’s simple. But it’s not very convenient for overweight people to have sex in this position. Why deprive yourself of pleasure, if you can apply the missionary position in a modified form?

  • If the woman is overweight and the man is thin. The woman lies on her back with herknees bent. As soon as his penis enters her vagina, the woman needs to wrap her legs around his waist. It’ll lead to deeper penetration, and it’ll be convenient to have sex.
  • If the man or both partners are overweight. The woman lies on her back with herknees The man leans his knees on the bed. He doesn’t press his torso against the partner, but keeps it in the balance, leaning his hands on the pillow under the woman’s head.
  • If the man or both partners are overweight. The woman lies on her back with herknees bent and spread apart. The man leans his knees in front of woman’s spread thighs. It’s also possible to throw woman’s legs over man’s shoulders. For convenience, it’s better to put pillow under her buttocks.
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The woman stands next to the bed, puts her body on the bed, lifting her hips up. The man penetrates the partner, standing behind. In this position, it’s easier for a couple to keep their balance, as the support area increases.



The woman stands up and leans her upper limbs against a stable part (for example, a wall or furniture). The man enters her from behind. For convenience, the woman should bend down and spread her legs.

Advantages – the pair can regulate the intensity of penetration (mainly this role is assigned to the man, but the woman can also make movements with her pelvic area). In addition, with a sufficient slope, you can work out the G-Spot and get maximum pleasure. Extra pounds won’t interfere with anyone.



Many overweight partners try to avoid one of the most piquant positions – 69. Indeed, in this case, one person will have to lie down on the other completely, which can cause discomfort. However, there are two ways:

  • One of the partners with the lowest weight will be placed on top, while the partner will simply lie on his/her back. This method will be convenient for both, because extra pounds won’t interfere with stimulation of intimate areas through oral contact.
  • Both partners are overweight. This option is more difficult and suitable if the lovers have good physical training. A partner who is on top (it’s better to be man, as a stronger person) shouldn’t lean on the other’s body with all his weight. It’s better to choose own hands as a support. Of course, being in this state for a long time isn’t very convenient, but it allows giving simultaneous pleasure to each other.



This position is available to everyone, including plus-size people. The position of the bodies allows easily inserting penis into a woman’s vagina as deeply as possible, and the belly won’t be an obstacle at all.

The woman lies down on her back with her hips just over the edge of the bed or table; the man penetrates her. He either holds your legs or you rest them on his shoulders or wrap them around him. The same can be done if the woman lies on her stomach.

You don’t have sex in this position not only on a table or sofa. Any surface that hits your partner at crotch height will do. It will bring variety to your sexual life.

In this position, partners don’t press each other with their weight, and sex can be really long and very pleasant. An additional advantage — it’s great for face-to-face action, because your bodies are open, hands are free – caress yourself or your partner where you want!



A sex sling can help if both partners have big bellies. The man will be able to keep woman’s legs in the air longer while he is inside of her, and the straps of the sling can give them both more momentum. It can help keep him from worrying about his belly.



It’s a type of sexual contact without penetration, when a man rubs his penis between the breasts of his partner. A large bust in this case will increase the pleasure: just squeeze your boobs with your hands.

The woman lies on her back; the man sits just below woman’s bust and begins to perform frictions. Moreover, the woman can play with the penis this way, touching it with the tongue. Use a lubricant to avoid rubbing the skin. It’s better to use edible lubricant, since mammary intercourse is particularly to flow into a blowjob.


Positions for Big Girls

This article describes only a part of the possible sex positions for plus-size people. Don’t be shy about your body. You have an advantage over thin people, because scientists have proven that people with excess weight get more pleasure from sex. It’s not just about that obese man or woman is softer to the touch, but also in hormones released — endorphins and testosterone, which are more in overweight people!


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