Sex Positions to Try While Pregnant

It’s a popular misconception that as soon as a woman becomes pregnant, sex becomes taboo for her. In fact, you can have sex during pregnancy at any time, unless the doctor tells you otherwise, and if you don’t experience discomfort from coitus — both physical and psychological.

Of course, you must remember that certain physiological changes occur in female body during pregnancy. Because of this, the sensitivity of various parts of the body can increase to a painful level. But you can tell your partner about any discomfort so that you can find out together what will give you pleasure and in what form. If sex causes more pain, you should contact your doctor.

Intimacy during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on the body, contributing to the development of “happiness hormones” and strengthening the pelvic muscles, and this will subsequently have a positive effect on childbirth. In addition, intimacy during pregnancy helps couples strengthen relationships. We have studied the advice of experts and selected poses that will allow you to enjoy making love while you wait for your baby to appear.

Intimacy during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on the body by promoting the development of “happiness hormones” and strengthening the pelvic muscles, and this would be beneficial for childbirth. In addition, sex during pregnancy helps to strengthen the relationship between partners.





We have studied expert advice and selected poses that will allow you to enjoy making love while you wait for your dear baby.



It’s a light version of sex with penetration, because it doesn’t come out as deep as in other poses. And if you’re worried that your partner’s penis may touch the baby from the inside — it’s just for you!

Sit facing each other, then cross your right leg over your partner’s left leg. He should do the same. Move closer to his pelvis and lie back. Your partner can lean on his hands held back. No sudden movements. Let the penis gently enter in a circular motion.



This position is good for early periods, because later it’ll become more difficult for you to lie on your back for a long time.

Lie on your back and put your feet on your partner’s shoulders while he’s kneeling in front of you. From this position, it’ll be convenient for him to caress your sensitive breasts and nipples. If you also cross your legs, your sensations will increase a hundredfold.


Cross Buttocks

Some extravagance doesn’t hurt anyone, especially while your belly isn’t that big yet!

Take a missionary position. Let your partner move his legs and chest slightly to the side so that you lie almost crosswise. This position requires a lot of lube, but fortunately, it’s not a problem for your body right now!


Edge-of-Couch Missionary

Another version of the missionary position.

Lie down at the edge of the bed and lower your feet on the floor. Your partner kneels between your legs and penetrates you while you relax and receive pleasure.





Doggy Style

This position allows you to relieve tension in the lower back and will be a great option for back pain. In addition, the position on all fours is quite stable.

Get on all fours and allow your partner to enter from behind. If you feel that it becomes difficult to stand, put pillows under your chest.

Remember that you can also use different toys for penetration. In addition, in this position, the partner can also stimulate your butthole.



It’s position for lazy and tired people.

Get on all fours and rest your chest and head on the pillows while your partner is kneeling behind you. Your hips are raised high, thus ensuring deeper penetration.

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Hot Seat

Even though you already have a tummy, this position won’t cause you any difficulties.

Your partner sits on the edge of a chair or sofa, and you sit on his lap with your back to him. His hands can easily reach your chest. And if you do it in front of a mirror, it’ll be hot as in a sauna!



This position will be perfect for those who want complete control of the situation.

Your partner lies on his back and straightens his legs. Ride your partner face to face. You can independently set the rhythm, speed and depth of penetration, and let your partner caress your nipples.



This position is good when your belly already becomes significant.

Sit facing each other, so that your thighs are between your partner’s legs, and move closer to his pelvis. Then move towards each other. For convenience, lean back on your hands or pillows, but stay in high position.






There’s no getting away from your belly, so feel free to lie on your side and let your partner hug you from behind. It’s better to bring your knees together and pull them closer to your chest. Put a pillow under your hips — this way it’ll be easier for your partner to enter from behind, and baby’s weight won’t press down on the vena cava.


Reverse Cowgirl

In contrast to classic Rider, there’s a lot of clitoral stimulation in this position.

The partner lies on his back. Ride your partner, but turn your back on him. And now it all depends on you — the more you lean forward or back, the greater the pleasure will be!



In fact, both a high bed and a sofa will do. The main thing is that you lie on the edge, and the partner supports your legs while he penetrates you with slow movements.





First Trimester

From 1 to 13 weeks, the woman’s uterus is located within the pelvic region and the tummy doesn’t interfere with sex, but during this period, the woman has hormonal surges. Because of this, she may be disturbed by unpleasant sensations in the form of chest soreness, strained ligaments of uterus, early pregnancy toxemia and mood swings.

Because of this, a pregnant woman’s libido decreases. Her body adapts to pregnancy, so deep penetration, at this time, is contraindicated due to a possible spontaneous abortion.


Second Trimester

From 14 to 27 weeks, blood flows most actively to the pelvic organs and labia, so a woman during sex can discover new sensations and experience an orgasm more vividly than in your normal state.


Third Trimester

From 28 weeks, despite the increased size of a pregnant woman, sex is most important for a quick and safe childbirth. Pregnancy is coming to an end and this trimester is the most difficult for woman – she sleeps and rests more, her pelvic bones diverge and she may have unpleasant sensations due to symphysitis.

At the same time, sperm helps to soften the cervix and increase its elasticity that has a positive effect on the birth process during the opening and smoothing of the cervix.

Remember that pregnancy is a temporary and, perhaps, the best state of a woman, during which she’ll be able to discover new poses and get incredible pleasure from intimacy with a loved one.



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