How to Change a Man Without Him Noticing

In love relationships, women and men have a spectrum  of needs that help them maintain harmony and mutual understanding in the joint living process. If women are obliged to carry out domestic chores and raise their children, then men must provide his family with financial support and guarantee other households confidence in the future. However, there are families in society where men absolutely don’t cope with the tasks set. In order to correct the behavior of the spouse in time, the woman directs him in the right direction carefully and tactfully, maintaining mutual understanding and harmony in the relationship.

Some men consider that such interference is unacceptable, because a woman manipulates the behavior and consciousness of the chosen one. Other men are convinced of quite the opposite – the wisdom of the spouse allows them to keep love and avoid quarrels in the family. The third category of men doesn’t notice that women control them, so they don’t ask such questions.


Basic Techniques of Hidden Control of a Man

Every woman should have skill of manipulating a man. It’s a woman’s trick with which she can achieve a harmonious relationship. If a woman understands how to change a man without him noticing, she can build a relationship that will be comfortable for both of them.


Praise a man more often

Support a man in various endeavors, but express only your own opinion about upcoming act. If he doesn’t listen, you shouldn’t worry. After the first “bumps”, he’ll definitely contact you for recommendations on his own in order to avoid repeating the errors of the past.


Control a man discreetly

You should manage a man carefully, not forgetting in your requests and beliefs. Only strict compliance with the rules allows you to develop an ideal model of love relationships that fully meets your preferences. It’s recommended to give up your hold for a short period of time, so that the man can make a choice independently, without having alternative options. In this situation, he’ll appreciate your care, attention and affection that you show to him more.


Use female weakness

Women are weak creatures, no matter how calculating and smart they are. But their strength lies in their weakness. Why not use all your female privileges to improve your relationship? A woman has the right to be weak, and a man can never resist this weakness.


Don’t show a man your tears

This state doesn’t contradict the previous statement, because these are radically different phenomena. Use this state only in emergency cases, when you definitely need to achieve the desired result. If a man isn’t used to seeing tears in your eyes, then he’ll take your side as soon as they appear. This method is considered one of the most effective, since it is “trouble-free” in most cases.

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Diversify your sex life

Intimacy is a hidden female tool, with which you can influence the actions and correct man’s thoughts. For the sake of a skilled and moderately depraved mistress, men are ready to get stars from the sky, conquering previously unknown peaks. However, on the way to achieving the desired result, it’s important not to hold over man’s head, but to provide him with an alternative choice.


Don’t be his property

Every man wants to feel that his woman belongs to him. However, each of them needs to be kept on their toes. In other words, the man should be afraid of losing you. You’re not a piece of furniture or clothing that can be bought, you’re not a thing that has a master. You’re beautiful and effective lady that men like. Of course, you love your man and you’re not going to leave him, but he should know that you’ll never be alone. It’s the fear of losing a loved one that makes us appreciate them even more.


Take care of yourself

Your appearance should be as close as possible to his ideal. No one says that you shouldn’t be yourself. Just the opposite: a man values individuality in a woman. But it wouldn’t be superfluous if a woman could, as if imperceptibly, turn into a dream woman. Does he like brunettes? You can experiment with hair color. Does he like a woman wearing stockings? Get this piece of clothing. Do this unobtrusively. He’ll definitely appreciate it.


Don’t give away all your secrets

There always must be a mystery in a woman. You don’t have to tell a man all your secrets. Let him solve you, be a difficult puzzle for him. If you have some important secrets of your attractiveness, you don’t have to tell them. A woman should have her own personal space and secrets. If a man manages to study and unravel you fully, he won’t be interested. You can manipulate him with your innuendo and mystery.


If you master the methods listed, you’ll prevent quarrels and conflicts in your relations. You’ll not have to think about how to make up with a man – now it’s his privilege, because you’ll recreate a situation where your man is always guilty. The main thing is not to abuse the acquired skills. If your partner, because of your carelessness or excessive desire for power, notices outright manipulation, then you can forget about the impact on his mind. A man will be suspicious of your words, questioning every phrase.


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