First Vacation With Boyfriend

The first vacation together is an exciting event that requires preparation. We will tell you about the main rules for planning a trip that won’t harm the relationship, but will only make it stronger.



Don’t rush to go on a joint trip, because it needs the right time. If you’ve been dating for a couple of months and haven’t even spent the night together, maybe you should wait some time? Keep in mind that your vacation is about being together non-stop for a few days, which means that you’ll get to know each other from different sides (including everyday life). Dates that you both come to in full dress will be a thing of the past: when you travel, you’ll see each other in the morning, tired, hungry… So before you go on vacation together, make sure that your relationship is strong enough to withstand such changes.



When you have chosen the perfect time for your trip, decide who will pay for the coming “fun”. The times when a man automatically sponsors everything that happens in a relationship put a long way behind us. And you’ll agree that it’s strange to go somewhere completely at someone else’s expense, because the costs are rather big now. We recommend that you agree on who pays for the tickets and hotel, as well as pay for entertainment during your vacation.



It’s perfectly normal if you have different ideas about the ideal vacation: you love a beach holiday, and the guy, for example, prefers to raft on Mountain Rivers and overcome himself. Or maybe one of you loves history, museums and exhibition halls, and the other can’t stand it?

Of course, if your partner decided to surprise you and chose a holiday destination, there’s nothing to complain about, but warn him about your features: a yacht cruise and your seasickness may not make friends. The main life hack here: settle an issue amicably and look for compromises. Do you like sightseeing, but the guy doesn’t? The boyfriend loves gastronomic trips, but street food will be enough for you? Create your perfect journey from a mix of activities that you both enjoy. Believe us, careful planning will help you keep calm, and most importantly — keep relationships!



Daily routine is a difficult test even for experienced couples, and what can we say about newcomers going on vacation together for the first time. Our main advice: give preference to comfort.

But what if your daily habits don’t match? “Great, I should know that, because I’m looking at him”, you might say. However, for a “young” relationship, this test can be fatal, because your feelings aren’t yet strong enough to put up with scattered things or, conversely, the boring pedantry of the guy. The same applies to cooking: it’s better to choose the Breakfast option, and have lunch and dinner in nice restaurants, than to train your culinary skills on an unsuspecting partner. Of course, if you both like to cook and want to do it while traveling, then why not, but in most cases, this option loses out to the good old cafes and takeaway food.

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It’s very simple: you want to post millions of photos where you and your boyfriend are splashing in the sunset sea, but he isn’t. You don’t need to find out why he doesn’t want to do this, because there can be many reasons: he was burned in a previous relationship, he’s not yet ready to tell the world about your love, and just doesn’t like to be photographed. Sometimes the opposite situation happens: the guy wants to “show off” you, and you’re not a fan of publicity. It’s completely normal!



They say that it doesn’t matter how old the sneakers are if you walk around Paris in them. But most girls will only agree to this in the dark. It’s not bad enough that  girl’s suitcase often larger than a man’s several times, and her belongings, like gas, fill all the free space, including a guy’s suitcase.

Advice can only be given to guys: put everything in one backpack. This way it will most likely remain intact, and it’s still easier to carry a backpack and a suitcase than two suitcases.



Don’t forget to grab all the patience you have. And yes, sometimes it’s required not only for men.

When your boyfriend asks you to go with him to the store of his favorite football club, nothing portends trouble. Everything is going well as he looks at the caps and hoodies. The real test will begin when he starts trying on several identical T-shirts and asking which one is better. Now it’s clear how men usually feel when they go shopping with women, and why it’s sometimes easier for them to pretend to be dead.

If your partner is a fan of shopping, and you don’t share this passion, think about compensation in advance, wait for your couple in a cafe, or download the meditation app.




And finally, remember why you’re going on a trip together? Of course, enjoy each other and learn more and more little things about your partner. Some of them may give you the satisfaction; some may surprise you pleasantly (or unpleasantly). Most often, we see a partner from unexpected sides if we spend a lot of time together. So open your heart — and go on to new adventures!


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