Penis Pumps Tips: How to Use and What to Expect

Penis enlargement pump is successfully operated by many men. This device can be used at home, performing certain exercises that help increase penis size by several cm. How effective is a penis pump and what types of it can be found on the market?



How to choose a pump and understand all the variety of models? To do this, you need to learn how it works.


The main indications for use:

  • violation of erectile function
  • significant reduction of sexual vigor
  • low arousal
  • dissatisfaction with penile size
  • insufficient firmness at the base of the penis

This device works on the principle of creating low pressure, which allows you to create a discharged environment to increase the pressure inside the penis. This leads to an improved blood flow to the cavernous bodies, due to which they are enlarged and stretched.


If properly used, this pump helps to:

  • increase the potency
  • improve erection
  • increase penis size

A penis pump can be used for medicinal purposes for a long time, but do not abuse it; excessive exposure leads to dry skin, bruising and hematomas on the dick.




Mechanical penile pump

It’s a pump that has a standard structure. The impact is carried out by manual force. A person can independently control the degree of air pumping, monitor the condition of his sexual organ.

It’s recommended to apply a lubricant to your penis to start training. It will help to avoid injuries, bruises and hematomas, as well as moisturize the skin, relieve it from dryness.

  • Before starting to pump air, you should put an erectile ring on the flask.
  • Start pumping air.
  • When the organ reaches an erectile state, move the ring to the base of the penis. It will help to fix the result, blocks the outflow of blood.
  • Maintain the duration of training, press the pressure relief valve.
  • Remove the penis from the flask.

The algorithm of actions is simple, but there’s one thing: you need to conduct training on a regular basis; this is the only way to achieve results.


  • You cannot calculate the strength and face undesirable consequences in the form of bruises and hematomas.
  • There are certain inconveniences for using.

But there’s a significant plus: affordable price.



Electric penile pump

An electric device with a flask and automated pump that independently controls the degree of air pumping. The structure of such device is standard, but it doesn’t require manual action.

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  • gentle effect
  • rarely leads to bruising
  • convenient and easy to operate

The probability that electric penis pump will cause harm to health is minimal, it has a sparing effect, but it has a high cost. This should be regarded as a disadvantage.



Hydraulic penile pump

When choosing this type of pump, a man should keep in mind that procedure requires preliminary preparation. You will have to spend some time in warm water – this will help you prepare for training.

The instruction for this device is simple. To get a good effect you need to:

  • Fill the bathroom with warm water so that it covers crotchular region.
  • After a couple of minutes insert flaccid penis into the flask.
  • Start pumping.
  • When an erection is achieved, fix the ring on the base of the penis and stop all manipulations.
  • Observe the process, controlling the degree of impact.

If there is a pain, unpleasant ache in the penis or other sensations, you should stop the procedure immediately.

Before you start training, we recommend a 5-minute trial session. It will help you understand how this device works and how to handle it.



You can develop an exercise plan for a few weeks. Approximately, it will look like this:

  • For the first 7 days, you will have to conduct 2 sessions each day lasting 10 minutes, no more.
  • Next week, you should increase the duration of training to 15 minutes. Conduct them 2 times a day. If there are unpleasant sensations, then return to the primary training scheme.
  • In week 3, long-term training sessions can help increase penis parameters, and 1 session lasting 20 minutes can be held.
  • At 4 weeks – 2 procedures with different duration: 1 session – 10 minutes, 2 session – 20 minutes.
  • At the final stage, training will take 20 minutes. It should be carried out in the morning, after waking up and in the evening, before going to bed. In total, training will take 40 minutes.



There are a number of diseases and conditions in which the use of such a device is not recommended. Absolute contraindications include:

  • Heart and blood vessel diseases
  • Thrombosis, atherosclerosis
  • Varicose veins of the pelvis
  • Infectious or inflammatory disease
  • Urological diseases
  • Tumor formations of various origins
  • Children or teenagers
  • Mental disorder
  • Hemostasis disorders



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