The Ultimate Guide to Penis Stretching

Penile size and shape are laid from birth, but they can be changed by mechanical action. This conclusion has long been reached not only by men who have checked this fact on themselves, but also by doctors with academic degrees. In this article, we will tell you how to stretch the penis correctly to increase its length.


What Does the Effectiveness Depend On?

It’s quite possible to increase the penis by stretching. As a clear example, we can cite African tribes, whose representatives successfully pull out their genitals, for example, by winding them on a stick. The main stretching exercises are taken from there, but they must be performed wisely.

The main problem both for urogenital plastic surgeons and for men who are independently engaged in penis stretching is the tunica albuginea that covers the corpora cavernosa. It forms a closed cover and is inelastic compared to the skin. Effectiveness of manual stretching exercises will depend on the degree of tunica’s compliance.

While stretching the penis, men feel that something like an elastic band is interfering with the back (from above). It’s an important “detail” of the penis – neurovascular bundle (includes the dorsal nerve, arteries, and veins). In any case it cannot be damaged. In other words, it’s unacceptable to force stretching during exercises.

The vascular bundle is still relatively elastic. An obstacle to stretching is dorsal groove between the corpora cavernosa.

In young people this thickening usually occurs due to prolonged masturbation, when the thumb “walks” on top, and in older men it occurs due to regular intense sex. This is a protective reaction of the body to mechanical influence.

These circumstances should be taken into account when stretching the penis. The result can be predicted in advance: if the penis in a flaccid state is easily stretched almost into a pencil, then there is no fibrous thickening, and exercises will be given easily. If the penis stretches, but poorly, while remaining quite thick, you will need to be patient.


Penis Stretching

Proponents of increasing penis size without surgery have created their own direction – NUP (natural penis enlargement). On specialized forums, people actively discuss subtleties of various techniques, methods of making devices, and the results of programs. The most popular exercises are listed below.



Before performing this exercises, preparation is necessary, otherwise you will have to stop training and wait for hematomas to heal, or the decline of lymphatic edema.

The main condition for safe stretching is high-quality heating of penile tissues. This will increase blood flow and nutrition, making them more elastic.

To warm up the penis, you can use warm water, a bag of heated rice, an infrared lamp, a towel dipped in warm water, or just light massage twisting movements with your hands up and down. 5 minutes is enough. Before exercises, your dick must be lubricated for better sliding.



Jelqing is a common manual penis stretching, suitable for beginners, as well as used to normalize blood flow in between performing other exercises. In fact, this technique doesn’t differ from “milking” method: OK sign formed by thumb and index finger (so-called OK grip) with a light but confident pressure moves to the glans, partially dragging the skin with it, then another hand. It’s important to feel the tension of the internal tissues. You need to practice for 15-20 minutes daily. The first result will be in about a couple of months.

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There is even a special Power J Gym Jelqing Device. The principle of its operation: the penis is clamped between two soft rollers that roll along it from penile root to the glans. The return is made without pressing. The force is regulated by handles on the side.




This exercise can be done one of the first – it helps to “devide” the fibers of the tunica albuginea. Technique: a soft dick is simultaneously slightly stretched and twisted on its axis almost to the limit, then turned over the arm and stretched again. After a minute, repeat everything in the other direction.


This exercise stretches penis ligaments well. You need to pull the penis and slowly rotate it for 15 turns in one direction and the same amount in the other.

Penis Extender

An extender is a medical device for stretching the penis. Its effectiveness is confirmed by scientific data. The glans is captured by a vacuum cap or loop, and then fixed between two telescopic rods, the opposite end of which rests on the pubis. The length of the rods increases, evenly stretching the tissue.



Penis Weights

Stretching the penis by hanging weights is desirable to use only after experience with previous techniques, because its tissues that aren’t prepared for this kind of load are quickly injured.

The main task with this method is to fix correctly the load on the penis (it must be soft) and not to overdo it with tension. There are special hangers of industrial production, but many people build them themselves.

Start with a minimum (100-250 g) and keep for no longer than 1-5 minutes. Then you can gradually add weight and time. Most people start with 1 kg for 30 minutes, but it’s traumatic. Some bring the weight up to 5-6 kg, and the wearing time – up to 6-10 hours a week.



The result depends on penis parameters, elasticity of its tissues, and frequency of training. For comparison, you can draw an analogy with the gym: one goes for years and remains skinny, the other has a noticeable relief in a few months. With a certain amount of effort, you can achieve a penis growth of 0.5 to 4 cm per year. Some people manage to add 2 cm in a couple of weeks by using a combination of different techniques, but this is an exception to the rule.



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