Vibrators for Women – Myths and Reality

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of prejudice in our world. Some of them are innocent and cause, rather, a smile. And some quite strongly interfere with people’s lives, restrict them and drive them into the framework. And there’s hardly another area of our life about which there are as many myths as about sex and, in particular, about vibrators.



Myth 1: Vibrators are used only by losers who are unable to find a partner

Reality: In fact, vibrators are more popular among women who have a permanent sexual partner, and even married ladies. Of all the fair sex who use these devices, only 29% are single.


Myth 2: If a woman gets an orgasm only with a vibrator, she needs to be treated

Reality: Vibrator is only an auxiliary tool. According to research, women who use this toy are more likely to experience an orgasm during traditional sex. They’re more excitable and have a more active sex life than those who are afraid of vibrators like fire. You can look at this question from another point of view. Many women are able to experience an orgasm, but it’s very difficult for them to do so during lovemaking (only a third of women experience a vaginal orgasm) or oral sex. That is why the vibrator for them is just a way to get a discharge. And maybe even a tool that will increase the chances of ending up with a partner.


Myth 3: Something is wrong with a woman’s sexual partner if she uses a vibrator

Reality: Definitely not! As noted above, the vibrator is just another way to get an orgasm, a tool created with the female physiology in mind.


Myth 4: If a woman has a vibrator in bed, she’ll not want to have traditional sex

Reality: During traditional sex, we get pleasure not only from the impact on intimate areas, but also from caresses, kisses, flirting and fantasies. Vibrators can’t do that. In addition, why deny yourself a pleasure when you can get everything at once?

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Myth 5: All vibrators are unnatural

Reality: Of course, any vibrator is definitely manmade. However, everyone’s favorite sexy lingerie or any other erotic entourage designed to reveal our sexuality is also created by man.


Myth 6: Vibrators are addictive

Reality: Vibrators are less addictive than traditional sex. Many cite the example of women who collect vibrators of all stripes and types. Well, someone collects men, and this is considered absolutely normal. In addition, women in this case are more likely to pursue other goals. All toys are so different and interesting that the fair sex get aesthetic pleasure when they get take the next high-quality device.


Myth 7: Vibrators make your intimate areas numb

Reality: It happens, but very rarely. Following the study, about 11% of women admitted that such symptoms occur from time to time, and only 3% said that it happens all the time. At the same time, experts say that numbness is the result of improper use only, when the vibrator is pressed too hard to intimate areas.


Myth 8: Vibrators are causes of inflammatory processes

Reality: Everything will be fine if you follow basic hygiene rules. There are a lot of cleaning products and ways to protect yourself during the use of vibrators. All of them are at your disposal.


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