What to Wear for Him in Bed to Feel Good and Sexy

The sexiest girl is the one who puts you at ease. It means: the less ruffles, frills, layers, straps, draperies, laces and other similar wrappers on your clothes, the better. So a man has a better chance of finding your body as quickly as possible. Imagine if he starts “looking for you” by undoing endless pajama buttons or pulling off your lounge pants? Not a very sexy picture, isn’t it?

Therefore, fashion dictates simplicity and comfort in bed. Straight laconic lines, natural soft and wrinkle-resistance fabrics, pastel colors – that’s what you need!

So, what do men need? In particular, what do you need to wear in bed to make your man crazy?


Knit Underwear (Top and Panties Set)

These sets are so soft, pleasant to touch, fit perfectly on the body and look, by the way, also great. And if someone says that they’re not sexy at all, they have never had such sets! Just try it, put on a thin top and shortie panties – and see what a predatory gaze you’ll meet in bed.


His Shirt or T-shirt

This outfit is on the verge of sexuality! What can drive a man crazy more than a woman dressed in his shirt?

But there should be nothing else under the shirt! When a man sees his favorite woman in his clothes, he thinks on a subconscious level: «She’s mine and no one else’s!” Men love to gaze upon women dressed in their clothes and smelled of their cologne. It’s very tempting. By the way, it’s a very tricky move: a woman, wearing partner’s shirt or T-shirt, agrees that she’s at the mercy of man. A man really likes to think that a woman is his only.

Another advantage of his T-shirt is that it’s very convenient and easy for a man to run his hands under it.


Silk Chemise

Silk is an exquisite and delicate material. In such clothes, a man won’t want to let you out of his arms. However, there are two nuances. First – your skin should comply with such material, so it needs regular care! Second – your outfit should be elegant. After all, simplicity and modesty adorn the fair sex.

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See-Through Cloth

Of course, this outfit is not suitable for every night, but sometimes treat your loved one with a revealing outfit, not only possible, but also necessary. Just remember that accessories always form the image. Therefore, it’s recommended to complement this outfit with flavored edible lubricant, handcuffs and massage oil. Be a vamp and sophisticated woman in love for your man!



Yes, you heard right, you should be wearing a beautiful “nothing”, since most men prefer that the woman they love sleep with them naked. Absolute nudity is a symbol of comfort and confidence in yourself and, of course, in your own body, as well as complete trust. It’s exactly what he wants you to be.


Avoid It in Bed

Long shirt

All these long, wide, colorful clothes for sleep are things of the past. The body should be showed, not hidden under a ton of fabric. No man will get to your hiding places if you wear such a shirt.



It’s best to leave your war paint for the party. In bed, everything should be natural: feelings, emotions, appearance. Agree, it won’t be very good when your partner “finds your face” on the pillow the next morning. In addition, it’s bad for your skin to sleep with makeup on your face.



These trousers, long shirts with buttons aren’t sexy at all. Such a fortress cannot be taken by storm. Always be available for your loved one!


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