Why Do Men Like Anal Sex

Intimate life is often mistakenly associated with vaginal sex only, so the reaction to other fetishes in society is ambiguous. Representatives of the fair sex are perplexed why men like anal sex more than classic version. To understand the situation and get rid of bias, we need to dispel some myths.




Woman Doesn’t Get Pleasure from the Process

The sensitivity of the anus is due to the presence of a large number of nerve endings, which make sensations not only pleasant, but also unusual. It’s difficult to compare them with something else. Stimulation of the anus during vaginal sex adds thrills, makes the orgasm brighter and faster.


It’s Very Dirty

The probability of embarrassment isn’t so great, because there are rules that you need to follow before having anal sex: taking a shower, evacuation of the bowels, eating a small amount of food and using a condom.


It’s Painful

Of course, the first penetration and stretching of the asshole will cause unpleasant sensations, but strong discomfort can be avoided by arousing the woman and using special lubricants.





Stolen Fruit Is Sweetest

Anal sex is considered a kind of taboo. It doesn’t belong to hurty stuff or other sexual subcultures, but it’s unique in its kind, allowing you to go beyond the ordinary in the most painless way.


Alternative to Vaginal Sex

Diversity is an integral part of intimate life, so experiments and new approaches won’t hurt. In this way, the partner can open up in a new way, feel their body better. This diversity shows the full confidence of the partner, which has a positive effect on the relationship.


New Sensations

And don’t jump to conclusions; it’s not just about men. Many representatives of the stronger half prefer to introduce firstly their partners to unusual feelings, rather than themselves. Anal orgasm is real, so this experience will be a pleasant and unforgettable moment. By the way, the asshole is quite narrow and tight, which will spice things up.



First of all, engaging in anal sex, a person guarantees protection from unwanted pregnancy. Also, anal sex is often practiced during menstruation, if one or both partners don’t like vaginal penetration during this period.

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Anatomical Features

This includes small penis size and problems with erection. The anal opening can wrap around a penis of any shape and size. It’s important not to be complex because of these features; on the contrary, it’s an occasion to practice, each time to look for something new and suitable.



Anal penetration is often associated with power. Male dominance and female subordination can supplement your role-playing game. Such actions will help to change entrenched positions in the relationship: one side will feel stronger, and the other — weaker. You can also try a different approach, more rigid.


Animal Desire

Some men experience a feeling of some wildness during anal sex. They feel like either animals or cavemen who have returned from hunting. They start getting such passion that it seems as if the woman is a victim and they want to show who is in charge.


Status Symbol

Often people do things or buy things simply because they’re considered elite. That’s all. Even if he doesn’t like anal sex, he should be able to boast to his friends that he has had such an experience.




There are addictions in which representatives of the stronger sex won’t confess under any torture. Some guys love anal caresses, that is, they like not only to enter a woman’s ass, but also willingly substitute their own for penetration. At the same time, such addictions can boast not only men of non-traditional orientation, but also fans of heterosexual relationships.

Why men love to get in the ass:

  • abundance of nerve endings in neighboring areas
  • sense of dependency on the partner
  • prostate stimulation, which is similar to the G-spot in men.

Even a small stimulator or finger inserted into the anus can send shockwaves. The erection increases, and its duration increases too. Also, regular prostate stimulation, if configured correctly, is an excellent prevention of many diseases of the male urogenital system. Such men in the future are less likely to meet with prostatitis, adenoma, premature ejaculation and problems with potency.


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