Pros and Cons of Anal Sex

There are many myths about anal sex. Some of them say that this type of coitus is unnatural and can lead to serious consequences. Others, on the contrary, argue that anal sex should be practiced on a regular basis.

To decide whether to engage in anal sex, you should thoroughly understand its pros and cons.


Benefits of anal sex





According to sociological research in the sexual sphere, most men get more pleasure from anal sex than from vaginal sex. It has to do with the fact that during copulation, the sphincter wraps tightly around the male penis, establishing close contact and exerting pressure on it. Many women, surprisingly, also get an orgasm much faster when their anus is stimulated.



The choice of anal sex positions is very large, so partners are unlikely to face the problem of what position to engage in anal sex. Every couple can constantly experiment in bed or choose the most comfortable position for themselves and use it.


New Sensations

The first anal sex is a great experiment in bed. Through appropriate approaches, it brings both partners bright emotions and great pleasure, and due to the fact that anal sex positions are quite diverse, it also brings new sensations. Therefore, this type of pleasure in bed won’t get bored for a long time.


Zero Chance of Unwanted Pregnancy

If partners don’t want to have children, then anal sex is a great alternative to vaginal sex. While doing it, you cannot resort to contraceptives, since there’s no risk of getting pregnant. The main thing isn’t to turn to vaginal sex in the process without first putting on a condom.


Prevention of Certain Diseases

According to medical research, anal sex doesn’t allow blood to stagnate in the sphincter area, which reduces the risk of a disease such as hemorrhoids. However, if hemorrhoids already exist, then it’s strictly forbidden to practice this type of sex.




There are also negative opinions expressed by opponents of anal sex. And, unfortunately, their presence cannot be denied.


Rectal Prolapse

This problem is often faced by homosexual partners who have anal sex regularly. Since female sphincter is more elastic, they rarely have rectal prolapse.

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Anal Fissures

Some reasons for their occurrence can be a partner’s inexperience, a wrong technique, an impressive partner’s penis size and refusal of lubricants.


Female Urinary System Diseases

After anal intercourse, it’s strictly forbidden to enter the vagina without performing hygiene procedures or changing a condom. In this way, you can introduce bacteria into the partner’s urinary system that can cause dangerous diseases. Unfortunately, many partners neglect this rule in the heat of passion.


Gastrointestinal Upset

One of the side effects of anal sex is frequent constipation and diarrhea.


Fecal Incontinence

The anus wasn’t originally intended for introduction of extraneous objects. Therefore, if the sphincter is strongly stretched, you can face such an unpleasant side effect as fecal incontinence.


Main rules of anal sex



Anal sex can be painful for a woman. Especially, if her anus isn’t developed yet, or this kind of coitus occurs for the first time. Therefore, the man’s task is to minimize unpleasant sensations and increase positive ones. To do this, just follow these simple rules.


A Long Foreplay

A passionate and long foreplay will help you relax and tune in to anal sex: oral sex, kissing, and even cunnilingus. A glass of sparkling champagne or fine wine isn’t superfluous.



The anus doesn’t release natural lubricant, so it’s necessary to use lubricants that anal sex doesn’t look like torture and doesn’t lead to anal fissures. However, many couples carefully avoid them, believing that they reduce pleasure. It’s absolutely not true; lubricants don’t affect the quality of sensations. But they reduce the pain during penetration, as they contain analgesic and soothing components.


No Rush

For the woman anal sex is much more difficult, so her partner shouldn’t make sudden and rapid movements. Just before penetration, the butthole needs to be developed with anal plugs, beads, other sex toys or fingers.

If all of the above means didn’t help and penetration causes severe pain, then the woman should try to relax the anus. Of course, it’s not easy to do, but tightly compressed entrance aggravates the pain.


Anal Sex Prep



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