Male Sexual Fantasies

There is an opinion that guys need only one thing. It is absolutely true, one thing, but in different variations. Male sexual fantasies are an important part of life. Thinking about sex in unusual poses and spicy situations is a natural phenomenon for any person. But men’s fantasy is more vulgar and gutsy.



Most women don’t even know that her partner has his own secret sexual desires. Why don’t men share their fantasies with lovers?

  • Often other women are involved in man’s fantasies. A man is afraid of being misunderstood. Under torture, he will not tell that he imagines a neighbor or a wife’s friend in his arms. In addition, girls rarely perceive this information with enthusiasm.
  • Man imagines himself with another male partner. He is ashamed to admit it, especially if it becomes known to someone else.
  • Fantasies involve perversions, perhaps unacceptable for his partner. Respectful relationships between spouses don’t allow talking about dirty sex.



Most often, men fantasize about something that is difficult to implement in life with their real sexual partners.


It is the most popular fantasy. More frequent participants – he and two women (lover, her friend, or a stranger). Less often participants – woman and two men. Group love is preferred by a third of men, the number of partners can be incalculable.

In practice, this experience often leads to relationship breakups. After all, if a third person appears in the most private, then exceptional closeness between partners disappears. Sex is so diverse, try to choose another option.

Spontaneous Sex

Men fantasize about unexpected sex with a stranger, regardless of whether they have a permanent partner. Thoughts come suddenly, meeting a sexy woman in the street.

Even if such an opportunity is provided, it is rare for a man to perform these reckless acts. Psychologists are sure that every man, at some point, fantasizes about daring, passionate sex with Lady X.


It is attracted by the fact that object of desire doesn’t know about spying. A man is very interested in how others have sex, or he wants to see something like in a porn movie. It is important to be unnoticed. Voyeurism excites three out of four men.

Some clubs even provide a special service – peep show. A naked girl dances behind the mirror and doesn’t see the client, but he sees her and gets a lot of pleasure. This show is often in demand among married couples who want to bring novelty and excitement to their sex life.

Sex with a Virgin

It’s a common fantasy (and not only among young people). First, it’s a way for a man to assert himself. Secondly, many people believe that virgins have a special, narrow vagina, which gives incredible pleasure.


Every third man prefers hard sex. He sees before him a lady in leather, tight outfit with a whip (a mandatory element). Often, chief want subordination, strict bosses dream of submitting to a woman.

Woman with Unusual Appearance

Every man has his own ideas about non-standard women. This may be an African-American woman, a fat woman, an elderly woman, a woman with a large number of tattoos or an unusual hair color. Men have an assumption that unusual woman has incredible skills. What are the jokes about unusual anatomical structure of the genital organs of Asian women? There is only one way to check the myth – see it for yourself.

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Road Adventures

One of the most common men’s desires is to drive a car with a beautiful girl who suddenly “hides under the wheel”. These women’s actions excite men by adding adrenaline and risk.

Risky motorists also dream to give their woman pleasure by hand during a trip. All this happens without looking up from the car’s movement. So don’t be surprised if your man asks you to undress during a trip to catch the moment and have fun.

Home Porn Video

To shoot a home sex video is a cherished dream of every male. Not all men can offer it to their half, so it isn’t superfluous to take initiative and fulfill man’s fantasy.

In this male fantasy, everything looks beautiful: elegant curved bodies, smooth movements, intertwining bodies and developing women’s hair. But the reality is that we all don’t have perfect bodies, and not all men fully accept their partner.

Role Play

Of course, role-playing games performed by nurse and patient are the most common. Men, without realizing it, want to obey their woman, so in this game they are always patients, and women are the main doctor.

The image of a teacher is liked by men because of woman’s strict appearance. Stockings, strict skirt, white blouse, hair bow hairstyle and the most interesting thing for a man’s imagination are glasses.

To have sexual relationship with a schoolgirl is a dream of every fourth man. Boys dream of relationship with a mature and experienced woman at a young age, but at older age, they already want to see a small, innocent schoolgirl next to them. This image will suit fantasies of 25-30 years old men. In these years, they just want to experiment.

Forced Sex

It is a popular men’s fantasy, which is characterized by degree of cruelty. The main thing is that in such fantasies, men do what they like, without paying any attention to women’s desires or protests.

Some men want to be raped on the contrary. More often, they dream of initiative partners.

Anal sex

Most men want to open the “back door” of female body. But one desire is not enough. The most difficult thing is to persuade your partner to have anal sex and act correctly in order to get it many more times.

Twin Girls

It is a slightly modified sexual fantasy about threesome. It is unlikely that man will meet sexy twins who will willingly drag him to bed. Therefore, he has no choice but to draw depraved images in his head.

Massage with “Happy End”

Massage in a salon or SPA is a common thing. But in their fantasies, men don’t limit themselves to relaxation: imaginary masseuse willingly goes to the “lower region”.

But it is not difficult to realize this dream — you can always find a salon with “special” services.


Many representatives of the stronger sex secretly want to become service personnel and please women for money. But not everyone can be a popular gigolo.


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