Anal Sex Guide: How-To & Hot Tips

Every man at least once wanted to do anal. It is no wonder; in fact, this tight hot hole is so tempting, and attracts like a magnet. Once you think about it, you can’t stop. Once you try it, you want to experience this unearthly pleasure over and over. Don’t think that it can be dirty or painful. These are nothing more than myths from half-wits, clumsy and hasty people who tried to stick their penis without any preparation and reading useful guides, burned themselves, and then fearfully hid in the bushes. We know how to have anal sex so that both sides get high. No hypnosis, just a few simple things that even a person with a bad memory can remember. If you want to learn how to engage in anal sex correctly, so that you and your partner’s roof is torn off from crazy orgasms, read and enlighten, guys. We have nothing to hide.



Here are the basic rules for safe sex, following which you can avoid all the negative consequences of anal sex. You don’t want your first time to be the last, and your beloved partner after a failed penetration ran away somewhere with screams?


Psychological Barriers

You need to talk through all the worry and fears, all the nuances of this process and everything you’re going to do. Don’t blush and look convincing. Your partner needs the reassurance that she’ll feel herself to be in safe hands and, no matter what happens, she’ll never be alone with her pain. Therefore, you need to sit down, drink wine, talk freely and start getting ready.



Condoms are needed not only for hygiene, as many believe, but also to avoid thinking about sores and all sorts of unpleasant consequences. Moreover, even if you and your partner just get checked out for STls and you’re certain about your health the whole 100%, you NEED to use condoms. Other microflora, pathogenic Escherichia coli, microfractures, through which many diseases are perfectly transmitted, lie in wait for you at every corner. Don’t take very thin condoms, they can break easily, especially in those moments when you start to arrange a rough ride, having already gained experience.



You can never have too much lubricant. In general, every self-respecting ass lover should have a collection of lubricants for any mood. When you choosing a lubricant follow these rules:

  • Lubricant shouldn’t be liquid, but a little viscous in consistency. Perfect lubricants are in the form of gel or cream.
  • Lubricant should be water-based, not silicone-based. Then it’ll not damage condom and ensure safety during contact.

In the rest, choose to your taste: smell, color, interesting additives with a cooling or warming effect for hot lovers, or lubricants with an analgesic effect for those who are particularly sensitive — the choice is yours.



You need to keep it clean. This way it won’t only be safer, but also more comfortable for you. If your head isn’t full with unnecessary experiences, you can get much more pleasure. If you want to get it right, follow these hygiene rules for anal sex:

  • Take a shower. Not only your partner, but also you shouldn’t neglect this important point. If it seems like a waste of time, try taking a shower together. You will enjoy touching your partner’s hot body under warm water jets. She will be relaxed, becoming malleable and soft.
  • An enema isn’t always necessary, but it’s better to use it for the first time. With regular practice, you’ll already know when you can do without it. It depends both on the health of your partner’s digestive system and when the bowel was last emptied.
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The first anal sex is always exciting, and you’ll always relive this tense moment with each new partner. And everything depends on your peace of mind. The further development of your relationship depends on emotions that will cause your first moment of intimacy. It is good if you both have some experience, but what happens when you got a virgin or you have never known the joys of anal sex before? Don’t worry, the honor of being the first not only requires care and responsibility, but also gives an unforgettable experience. You won’t forget this passion. Those first moans of pleasure that no one had ever heard before, and eyes burning with reverence and awe after a bright orgasm.

So that the first anal sex doesn’t cause moral and physical torment, follow a few simple rules:

  • No hurry. Here is an inexperienced partner with a virgin and undeveloped ass. It’s not necessary to achieve full penetration in the first meeting. Prolong a pleasure.
  • Use your fingers. Feel that your partner is relaxed and doesn’t strain when you touch her, gently penetrate your fingers into her hot hole. You must be very slow and gentle. Talk about everything what you are doing now and what you are going to do, so that the partner doesn’t worry and get too distracted by unusual sensations. Bring your partner to orgasm. Don’t overdo it with your fingers, pay attention to oral sex.
  • Sex toys. After reaching orgasm with “fingers in her ass”, it’s time for the heavy artillery: small rubber dildos, vibrators and other anal beads and balls. In short, all those indispensable aids that will help to stretch a narrow sensitive hole and prepare it for a meeting with a real giant.
  • Only when you realize that your partner’s ass has become quite flexible, and she is already interested instead of fear, it’s time to take action. It’s absolutely normal if the preparation for the first penetration takes from a few days to a couple of weeks.



Anal sex tips will never be superfluous. Each person is different, and everyone’s preferences are different. Someone likes hard sex, and someone needs an hour of foreplay. You’ll be able to understand these features by yourself. So we have prepared a short universal instruction for you.

  1. Take care of hygiene and have all necessary things at hand — condoms, lubricants, toys, etc.
  2. Well excite your partner, don’t let it cool down for a second.
  3. Try rimming. At the same time, stroke your partner’s thighs and buttocks.
  4. Don’t rush during penetration. Be sure to ask how your partner feels, and be ready to stop at the first request.
  5. Remember the rhythm. It’s better slow, but clear movements than senseless and merciless slotting that can simply spoil all the fun and deprive your partner of a well-deserved orgasm. Don’t be selfish, your efforts will pay off with interest.
  6. Change your positions. Feel free to experiment with angle and depth of penetration, as well as ability to control the situation. Give free rein to the host party, and be sure, it’ll definitely be able to surprise you.

Anal is not at all scary, difficult, or tedious. Study each other, listen, enjoy. The whole world is ready to open the gates to the world of amazing discoveries and insanely long and bright orgasms!


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