Tantric Sex Tips: Tantric Sex For Beginners

Sex is a pleasure, but can you take it to a higher level of sexual ecstasy and emotional connection? Tantric sexuality can help you achieve all this, and it’s not as confusing as most people think.

Have you ever wondered what tantric sex and tantric sexuality are?

When you make love with your partner, the act may last a good half hour or more. But tantric sex can help you extend your connection and increase your sexual intimacy a hundred times if you do everything right!



Tantric sex is a part of a whole philosophical system that came to us from India. This type of intimacy implies not only physical, but also mandatory spiritual connection between partners.

It is believed that during Tantric sex, Kundalini energy sleeping in the lowest chakras is awakened and rises up to the head through the energy channel in the spine. The task of a man is not just to bring a woman to orgasm, but to give her a real unearthly pleasure!

After all, an ordinary European man’s sexual act lasts 3-5 minutes, and tantric sexual contact stretches for 1.5 hours! But, of course, he can’t do it without help. It’s clear that it takes months of special training to expand your consciousness, as true tantric practitioners do, but if you follow our advice, you will be able to better understand each other’s sexual preferences!



Like any serious undertaking, tantric sex requires careful preparation. We want to offer you and your partner a series of exercises that will allow you both to increase sensuality and piquancy of sexual sensations.


Exercise 1

The sense of smell in humans is not as developed as in animals, but it still plays an important role in relationships, especially in sex. Therefore, prepare several items that have a characteristic smell. It can be anything your imagination tells you – orange peels, ginger, perfume, soap, aromatic oils. Together, study these smells thoroughly, and then play “Guess it”: blindfold a man and let him smell one object, then another – let him guess! Then switch roles. Can you guess correctly?

To complicate the task: take several items at the same time, and ask your partner to guess what components this bouquet is made of? This game will help you both learn to focus on your olfactory sensations.


Exercise 2

Let’s practice our sense of touch. Take a few pieces of different fabrics – silk, jeans, cotton, fur, and try to remember what they feel like. Now – the same game “Guess it”, only with a more erotic bias: blindfold a man and alternately passes fabric pieces over any part of his body. Then switch places. Try to get into these feelings.


Exercise 3

This exercise is the most difficult, especially if the partners don’t have a musical education. Turn on classical music and try to track the part of a single instrument, as if you were trying to track the voice of a good conversationalist who is telling something in a very noisy cafe with “live” music.


Exercise 4

Each time before performing this exercise, you need to brush your teeth and tongue and rinse your mouth with cool water. Now put a pinch of sugar in a glass of water and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Taste it (Your partner should do the same!). If you don’t feel the presence of sugar in the water, add a little more, mix again and try. Note how much sugar there must be in order for you and your partner to finally taste it in the water. Repeat this exercise with salt, and then with lemon juice. This exercise is considered successful if you have learned to notice half of the original amount of sugar, salt, and lemon. As an “exam”, you can blindfold your partner – let him not see what exactly you put in the water – everything must be fair!

These exercises will help you become more sensitive and sensual, and sensations during sex will become stronger.



There are no small things in tantric sex. First you need to prepare the place. In India, these practices were held in special temples, so that nothing extraneous would distract lovers from merging bodies and souls. Of course, we are not suggesting that you take a trip to India, although it would be wonderful. You can create the right atmosphere at home. Turn off your phones, computer, TV, and other devices. Leave only the heater – your room should be warm, because you want to have pleasure, not a runny nose. It is better to engage in spiritual and physical union in the daytime, and it’s desirable to refrain from sex for at least a couple of days until day “X”.

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In your “temple” there should be no bright objects or anything that can distract you from each other. However, scented candles or scented lamps with ylang-ylang or sandalwood oil, as well as unobtrusive oriental music or sounds of nature will not harm, but they will also set you and your partner in the right mood.

You also need to prepare the bathroom: dim light, better-scented candles, soft warm towels – all this will come in handy.

By the way, keep in mind that if you have a full breakfast before this event, it will probably not work out. It’s better to put on something erotic in the morning and prepare a light breakfast, replete with aphrodisiacs: oysters, mussels, avocado, mushrooms, citrus, chocolate, coffee or cocoa – let go of your culinary imagination, and reward will not be long in coming. It is also a good idea to drink a glass of light wine – it will help you both to remove residual tension after working week and relax.



So, the atmosphere is created, it’s time to start preparing. First, the partners need to learn to breathe in unison: you both need to undress, lie down opposite each other and imagine how a bright orange energy flow passes through your bodies. Try to make sure that your breathing is simultaneous: inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale. This exercise is necessary: it will set you on the right wave, and you can feel yourself as one.

And don’t giggle, please. However, at the initial stage a healthy laughter cannot be avoided, so relax and laugh – all the same, you will definitely succeed.

The second part of this stage is better spent in the bathroom. Warm water relieves muscle tension, and a light massage with aromatic oils is delicious in any case. Slowly softly caress each other at the same time or in turn – as you like. There are no rules here, except one – to have pleasure.



Now you can go to the main course! Gently pat each other’s bodies with soft, warm towels and, hand in hand, go to the bedroom. Note – in Tantra, not sexual act itself is important, but caresses and careful observation of the partner’s feelings. So you shouldn’t habitually close your eyes during caresses and sex itself. Look at each other – you are both so beautiful! You can play a little with your sensuality: pieces of fur, makeup brushes, feathers – everything can be put into action. But no handcuffs, whips, or brute force. Save it for next time.

Acrobatic sketches are also not necessary. Choose some position that doesn’t require much effort. It’s not bad, for example, to try “swing” pose: man sits down and bend his legs at the knees, and woman sits on top of him, and the pair begins to sway smoothly… However, in Tantra, there can be no sudden movements, because the faster and stronger you both move, the faster the orgasm will come. Your task now is to prolong your sexual act as long as possible. The orgasm will come necessarily, but in Tantra the high point is much more powerful and prolonged than in ordinary coitus. It’s important to move very slowly, trying to feel every movement of your bodies.

Also, during tantric sex, you can’t think about anything other than the person you love and the process itself. When you make love, you both need to be completely liberated. Now you can do everything – cry, scream, and moan. If you are squeezed, there is no question of Tantra!



If you have done everything right up to this point, you will spend a few unforgettable hours and get out of bed refreshed.

However, we haven’t answered the main question: how men can prolong sexual intercourse for at least 30 minutes? Most often, men use football or stock reports for this purpose. Tantra forbids thinking about anything other than the partner. Therefore, in the process of sexual intercourse, a man shouldn’t focus on football, but on woman, watching her reaction.

It’s useful to buy a book on tantric sex. In such books, you can read that experienced men have orgasm without ejaculation. It’s actually the case, and men who have been seriously engaged in Tantra for many years can prolong sexual intercourse almost indefinitely. In Chinese Tao, by the way, men’s ejaculation is generally considered very harmful, because in this case the priceless male yang energy is spent.

Unforgettable orgasms for you!



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