Dating an Older Man

There is no problem for a girl dating a guy a few years older. Five to seven years isn’t even considered a special difference, although men are expected to live less than women. People usually judge those who date younger men. But society also pays attention to the lover of mature sort of male as soon as the age difference exceeds 7-10 years. Malicious tongues label “father complex” immediately, or even easier — “she found a sugar daddy”. In reality, everything is much simpler, and no financial or psychological problems are involved. Listening to the crowd is an empty matter. We remember that intelligence of the crowd is equal to intelligence of the most stupid of its participants. Dating older men is a normal phenomenon, because in these relationships there are a lot of advantages.


He Will Help To Develop Your Identity

The older person always has more experience, interesting stories, and opportunities to teach you something new. This is a fully formed personality that can attract and interest you — otherwise you’ll not choose him as a partner, right? You’ll want to become faster, higher, stronger next to such a person … Not physically, of course. You’d like to develop yourself, become versatile, conduct interesting dialogues and achieve success. The best motivation from a loved one is even without any effort on their part.


He Is Incredibly Caring

Even the most independent of us sometimes want to feel like little princesses who are taken care of. And we really deserve it. Older men most often assume the role of “father” in relationships (not “daddy”!), that is they slightly dominate, but at the same time surround the woman with love and care. Behind such a man, you can always feel as safe as a church. And if he decided to start a relationship with you, then he’s certainly confident and can do anything for you, even get the moon on a stick.


You Become More Mature Next To Him

“Mature” doesn’t mean “older”. It refers to psychosocial growth. Many older men are sympathetic to infantile and immature behavior, but girls themselves realize, being around them, that such behavior cannot exist forever.

So next to mature males, we gradually grow up “in the head” and learn responsibility, independence and other aspects of serious behavior.


He Can Give Good Advice

He’s quite skilled and has seen a lot of life situations, so for sure there’s a necessary hint for solving your difficult situation in his rich base of knowledge. Unless, of course, you trust him enough to tell about it. To trust older men isn’t only possible, but also necessary, because they appreciate it very much. Most likely, he’ll easily help you in solving your difficulties, and if it doesn’t work right away, he’ll convince you that this is nonsense, which means that the problem isn’t worth a damn.


He Is Good At Sex

Hot young guys, without a doubt, can give a head start to mature men in a number of sexual aspects. Young stallions are hardy and strong, but at the same time they’re unbridled, or even unrestrained. They take exactly the pressure. Older men compensate for this with skill in bed. They may not be able to do as many times a night as the younger guys (although this is a purely individual matter and it’s not a fact that it’ll happen), but they have definitely learned over the years of previous relationships how to please a girl and create a romantic atmosphere.

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He Is Interesting

He was in Africa two years ago, one of his friends work as a penguin lifter, and every summer his colleagues chip in and buy their personal tennis court, where they invite you to play. During his years of active life, a man has managed to accumulate so many interesting stories, acquaintances and activities that you’ll never be bored. And if you advise him something new, then he’ll immediately be able to plan and think through everything, since he has already done something similar more than once.


You Will Have A Stable Relationship

A Mature man decides to have a serious relationship when he knows exactly what he wants from them. He hasn’t been surprised by shapely legs, as he has seen hundreds of them. So he’s with you because he chose you seriously and for a long time. With such a man, you can have a long-term relationship, family or children – and not be afraid that he’ll nod his head in agreement, and then escape out of your life.


He Has Good Financial Opportunities

Generally older men have a fulfilling career. Even if a man’s profession is unusual and his income is unstable, he still has enough to live on, otherwise he would simply not let another person into it. Two people always live cheaper and more profitable than one, so you two will definitely not be confused by the money issue. Most likely, both of you will feel better soon after you start living together, as soon as you discuss all aspects of the financial relationship within the couple.


He Is A Real Gentleman

Younger girls are usually approached by men who are confident and behave perfectly. Over the years of experience in relationships, they have learned to behave gallantly and graciously with ladies, like real gentlemen. So an older man will take care of you beautifully, give you flowers, open the front doors for you and pull up a chair.


If You Break Up, Then In A Good Way

Don’t have to think about breakups, but everything happens in life. If for some reason you can’t be together with an older man, then breaking up with him will be much less painful than with your peer or a younger person. Mature people thing about every step well, so it will be a well-thought-out break-up with minimal losses for both sides. Most likely, you will even remain good friends after that.


Dating the Older Man



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