Dirty Talk: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Dirty talk in bed plays an important role, because with its help you can significantly diversify your intimate life, make it brighter. Don’t be shy and worry that you will look funny in the eyes of your partner. If you are afraid to experiment, use the tips on the correct use of sexy words.

An important step to emancipation in intimacy is phrases and words during sex. If a girl doesn’t hesitate to talk to her lover, it will be easier for her to find out what he wants. The guy can also talk to his favorite, learn more about her preferences. But what exactly should you say at a piquant moment? Pronounce with pleasure the name of the chosen one, say a compliment to him and don’t be afraid to talk about your desires.

Don’t be too loud in bed — it can scare him off. Don’t need to talk quietly and “swallow” the words. If you ignore these tips, the stimulating effect will be lost. To impress your loved one, work with your speech in advance. If it is well set, your partner will hear even a whisper and respond to it positively.




Say his name

Any person likes to hear their own name. And for a man to hear it from the mouth of his beloved after an orgasm is a special kind of pleasure. But remember, no affectionate diminutive words. Such words only kill sexual desire, because a man feels like a little boy. Can babies make passionate love all night?


Tell him about your erotic fantasy

No man will remain indifferent to the sexual desires and dreams of his partner. Maybe you’ve been thinking about a sex toy, role-playing games, or even threesome sex for a long time? It doesn’t matter whether you implement these ideas or not, a fascinating detailed description of the “picture” will turn his imagination and not only…


Think about sexual moments together

Remind the man of a bright moment. Tell how you were turned on at that moment, and he was such a passionate sex monster that your knees even gave way. Your partner will feel desirable, sexy and excited. And then – it’s a small matter!


Make an intimate compliment

Tell your partner what a beautiful/big/skilled penis he has. You can hint at a blow job. Do this not at home, but somewhere in the store or in the car to stretch the anticipation of pleasure.




What words can excite your partner so that he immediately threw you on the bed? We have prepared a list of favorites!

Of course, there are no statistics on the reliability of the result. Someone will say: “Too openly”, someone will get excited, someone will grimace at the vulgarity. Remember that everyone has their own preferences, look at your man’s reaction and correct what you say.



  1. If there were no one around right now, I would jump on you!
  2. Fuck me right now, huh?
  3. I’m so hungry, I want your cock right now.
  4. Today I will squeeze everything out of your “balls”!
  5. I want to undress and bend over your cock.
  6. Mmm, I want to feel you inside me.
  7. I’ve never been fucked like you.
  8. Even when you’re so angry, I still want you to fuck me.
  9. Today I want to give you… myself.
  10. When we get home, I’ll ride you, my stallion!
  11. The thought of you taking me over is driving me crazy.
  12. I don’t know if I should wear a thong or panties tonight. Or maybe don’t wear anything at all?
  13. Will you punish me if I’m a bad girl?
  14. I will tear you apart today.
  15. Close their eyes and I’ll get down on my knees and take your cock in my mouth.
  16. I flow thinking of you grabbing me and pinning me to the wall in some hidden corner.
  17. I have a surprise for you. XXX
  18. Don’t leave, let’s have sex all day.
  19. I like it when you wear tight clothes.
  20. Guess what color my panties are?
  21. Come home soon after work, or my lust will kill me.
  22. I want to wrap my pussy around your cock.
  23. You made me so horny this morning.
  24. I put these panties on for you.
  25. I get so turned on when you dominate.
  26. Oh, today we will have fun!
  27. If the cards don’t lie, you will have mind-blowing sex today.
  28. Today we will do what I have long wanted to do. It is going to be a lot of fun!
  29. Today you will be screeching and tumbling at my place!
  30. It’s a pity we’re not in bed, I want so much to feel your body on mine.
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  1. I want to be your horny little doll.
  2. I want to feel your great cock in my mouth.
  3. Today I am your slave. Make me beg for mercy.
  4. I like it when you fuck me like a slut.
  5. Fuck me any way you want!
  6. Fuck me senseless!
  7. I want to feel how tight you hold me!
  8. Cum in my mouth.
  9. I want you to come off great.
  10. Lick me, daddy.
  11. Fuck me so that tomorrow I can’t even move.
  12. Humiliate me.
  13. Use me, honey.
  14. Don’t stop.
  15. Fuck me harder.
  16. I love your mega-huge cock.
  17. Fuck my pussy tenderly.
  18. Fill me with your elixir.
  19. I want your sperm.
  20. I want to sleep with your cock inside me.
  21. I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished.
  22. You’re not leaving here until I suck everything out of your cock.
  23. Deeper!
  24. I want to hear you call out my name when you shoot off.
  25. Do you like fucking me?
  26. Take my hair and slap my ass.
  27. Oh, fuck me harder, daddy.
  28. Make me your bitch.



  1. I feel like a little girl when you hold me. I really miss you.
  2. Just think of you and I’m already wet!
  3. I miss your great cock.
  4. What position would you prefer to have sex in for the rest of your life?
  5. I masturbated in the evening, imagining you fucking me.
  6. I’m still reeling from last night
  7. You are the only one who can make me both angry and satisfied.
  8. The hottest memory of last night is your hot cum spilling inside of me.
  9. I can still taste your cum.
  10. I want to be a fantasy lady for you.
  11. You turn me on so much.
  12. I have to work, but all I can think about right now is you fucking me.



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