Wrong Questions on the First Date

Sometimes a date seems to be a good one, but later, for some unknown reason, the chosen one doesn’t want to call back or respond to messages. This may happen because of incorrect or unpleasant questions that were asked by you during the meeting.

A lot depends on the impression you make on the person on the first date, as well as the desire to meet again. For a romantic meeting to succeed, you need to maintain a distance, understand what is appropriate in the conversation and what is not. Unfortunately, some people often ask inappropriate questions for the first date and this destroys the pleasant atmosphere of the first meeting.


Why are you still alone?

Before you ask this question, you should think about what answer you want to get. Do you want to hear a list of the other person’s shortcomings with a detailed explanation of why they don’t allow him to be happy in a relationship? Or to hear stock answer to such a question?

People can be lonely for various reasons: because of a recent difficult breakup, inability to find a loving person, as well as for other reasons. It’s unlikely that on the first date your partner will pour his heart out and complain about his unsuccessful personal life.


Why did you break up with your ex?

On the first date, people are often interested in the past of the chosen one; especially previous relationships are very interesting for them. It’s not surprising, because we want to protect ourselves from problems and experiences, so we ask the potential applicant how he is inclined to behave in love.

However, in fact, this question sounds quite strange and can put the partner in a dead end, because few people want to retell the details of quarrels with the previous partner. Moreover, breakup is usually due to various reasons, both partners are wrong, and few people want to talk about their painful experience.


What do you like about women?

This question is asked by many women, putting their partners, frankly, in a stupid position. How do you think he should respond? He should list your strengths? So he still doesn’t really know them, well, except for you appearance. Will he speak abstractly, listing the banal “mind, beauty, kindness”? Try to guess? And if he misses? For example, how does he know that you are allergic to cat hair? But a cute kitten depicts on the case of your smartphone. What do you think the chances of your future relationship are if he randomly says that he adores women who have pets?


Where do you work?

This question from a woman’s mouth sounds a little bit like this to a man’s ear: “Who are you exactly, man? I haven’t decided whether you’re worthy of my attention or not.” Don’t put your counterpart in an awkward position, forcing him to justify that he’s just a sales manager in an average company or even a school teacher.

What matters isn’t the place where a person is now, but where he wants to go. It’s better to ask him a question about his dreams.

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First Date Questions


How much money do you make?

Income questions are a real taboo for a romantic date. Firstly, such curiosity is considered extremely bad form, speaks of your greed and desire to judge a person by the size of his wallet.

Secondly, in the context of communication between men and women, this question gives the impression that you’re pricing a potential candidate. In this case, income is one of the parameters according to which a person is evaluated. Few people will be happy to be in this situation.


What is the most awkward moment of your life?

If your conversation on the first date is easy and casual, that’s fine. However, don’t go too far: it’s unlikely that a man will want to tell about something embarrassing for him at the first meeting.


What do you expect from our relationship?

When you go on a first date, you need to understand that it’s not a guarantee for the development of the relationship, because for some reason you may not like the person, as well as he do.

That’s why discussing a further romantic relationship sounds strange and even absurd. You haven’t really gotten to know each other yet, but you’re ready to talk about the roles of a man and a woman in a relationship. Most often, it indicates that you have most appetite for a relationship.


You like me?

Straight-forward questions about liking on a first date also sound pretty weird. Moreover, it’ll be awkward for a person to hear them even at subsequent meetings. To understand whether a person is happy with a romantic date, you need to observe his actions and words.

Gratitude for the meeting, the desire to follow you home, a wide smile — all this can be a sign that the person had a good time in your company. On the first date, you can also admit that you liked the meeting very much, and communication was very pleasant for you.

Also, this question is very clearly showing your own insecurity, and insecure people aren’t very interesting to anyone.


When will we meet again?

Such a question from a woman usually sounds like a desire to get ahead of yourself, make an appointment, because it’s she who wants it, but a man’s opinion isn’t taken into account. Usually, the cavaliers respond to this request with something on duty and not binding, because such an initiative sounds rather strange.

To hear such a question from a man is also not particularly pleasant. The woman gets the impression that it is she who should invite a companion and come up with entertainment for him, and he’s ready to choose. The best option is an invitation in the affirmative form – it’ll show that you want to meet and spend time together.

Mistakes on the first date can lead to very costly errors, because of them; the interlocutor may refuse to repeat romantic meetings. For this reason, you need to be especially tactful and attentive.


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