First Date Rules for Men

First dates are crucial and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many men and women don’t get a chance at a second date because they’re already having relationship problems. Either they failed to make a positive impression on the person. Yes, first dates can be a little nervous, but if you know what to do and how to behave, you feel more confident. So, let’s say you approached a beautiful girl and asked her out on a date. You made a small connection, and she liked talking to you, so she said “Yes”. But all subsequent actions are more important, because they can create or break the possibility of forming a healthy relationship.

Men, in order to make a girl want to meet you again, you need to know some rules of the first date. Namely, what is acceptable and what is not on the first date.



Prepare and dress on the occasion

You should make sure that on the first date he looks well-groomed and neat. If you have a car, then also put it in order. Spray the car interior with perfume. Since the girl will definitely not like it if the car smells bad. Dress on the occasion, but not too defiantly for this occasion. Your outfit on the first date plays an important role. Girls also strongly dislike when they dress for other purposes. So let your lady know in advance what you have planned for the evening.


Plan your first date carefully

The rules for a man’s first date aren’t really complicated. Only it’s important to plan everything correctly. Determine the time and place of the meeting. Avoid places that aren’t too favorable for a quiet conversation. Watching a movie might not be the best idea for a first date, because you won’t be able to talk properly and get to know each other well. But dinner can also be the wrong choice if the couple doesn’t have common topics to talk about. City parks can be a good idea. There you can have a little fun and feel more relaxed.


Be a gentleman

Open the door in front of the girl, go from the side that is closer to the road, don’t get ahead of yourself, and show the qualities of a defender. Ask yourself what the Hero would do, and you’ll probably be able to arrange a new date. So, be a defender, be a gentleman, and — most importantly — be yourself completely.


Make her compliments

Girls take so long time to dress up and preen because they want to impress and look good. So don’t let her efforts go unnoticed. Compliment her and pay attention to what she’s wearing. Tell her that she looks amazing in her outfit. It may be enough to make the girl smile and improve her mood. Just don’t make too many compliments. After all, she’ll understand that you want to please her this way.


Choose a place with a classical music

Music calms your emotions and cheers you up. Choose a restaurant with such music that it’s calm and doesn’t interfere with your communication. If you’re going to move with a girl in the car, then also put on something quiet and pleasant. Ask the girl what kind of music she likes, and try to find a song that she likes.


Listen closely to everything she says

Remember one more important first date rule: be attentive to the girl and listen to her. After all, there’s no better way to ruin the first date than by not paying attention to your partner. Try not to look at the time constantly, or out of the window. If a girl is talking about something, then listen carefully to her. Men usually don’t like to listen to women’s stories. But it’ll be very good if you show the girl that you’re really interested in her. So one of the best ways to connect with a woman is to focus on her and ask simple but relevant questions.

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Men must pay

The girl may offer to split the bill to reduce the financial burden on you. But when it happens, politely refuse the lady, smile and pass the money to the waiter. Splitting the bill may be later in your relationship. But men should always pay for first dates.


Accompany her home

Say good night to her and don’t insist on entering her home. Just give the girl a hug. The end of your meeting will determine whether she wants to see you again or not. If she likes you, she’ll give you a hint. And it’s a good time to ask her about a second date. Just decide for yourself in advance whether you really want it.


Call her the next day

Girls actually appreciate men’s attention, and when they show their interest. So if she likes you, too, it’s okay to call her the next day. And if you delay too long, the girl will think that you’re not interested in her, and she may lose interest in you.



  • Be intrusive. It’s not necessary to call her in the morning of the day you’re meeting and ask: “Are we still on?” The girl may think that you’re either obtrusive or trying to adjust your plans for the evening (not her, so another).
  • Be late for a date. Girls don’t like it when a man is late. If you’re late, call and let her know.
  • Focus on how long you have been waiting for the girl, if she’s late.
  • Come without flowers or candy.
  • Be rude about someone, including your exes.
  • If a girl shows dissatisfaction with something, don’t focus on it and, especially, don’t joke about it.
  • Speak in a directive tone (a girl shouldn’t feel subordinate or like an exam).
  • Use overly abstruse terms and phrases in conversation. Girls like wise men, not smart guys.
  • Be a downer, complain, talk emotionally, and argue.
  • Talk about religion, politics, and national differences.
  • Brag about your financial situation and achievements. When you show off, a girl may consider you as her sponsor.
  • Try to kiss a girl. Leave this idea for at least 3 or even 4 dates.
  • Behave like a sex addict, incline to sex.
  • Talk on the phone. Make sure that no one distracts you (at least turn off the sound on your phone).
  • Be stingy. It doesn’t mean that you should buy everything around, but a girl shouldn’t feel that you’re sorry to spend money on her.
  • Apply pick-up techniques.
  • End a date on your own initiative. In any case, don’t say: “At 22.00 I need to go on business, let’s go, I’ll take you home”. The date should end with a girl’s initiative.



Dialog construction scheme: phrase + question + answer + comment + question.

For example, when you’re sitting in a restaurant with a girl and flipping through the menu, you can say: “I have loved fried chicken since childhood. I remember my grandmother cooking it, gathering the whole family. How delicious it was. Do you like fried chicken? Oh, yes, I like fried chicken with potatoes, too. Do you like to cook this dish? You see! We have a lot in common, you and I — we both love fried chicken!”

Use this scheme.

Most of all, what a girl remembers after the first date is how easy and comfortable she was with you, how much she laughed. Therefore, the main task of a man on the first date is to give a lot of positive emotions. And most importantly, don’t rush with kisses, don’t frighten the girl. If a girl wants to kiss, men, you’ll find out about it! At the end of the first date, a friendly hug and words of gratitude for a good time are enough.


#1 Rule For A Perfect First Date


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