Millennial Dating Terms 2020

Like everything else, modern relationships don’t have remained static. Every year, new terms appear in the Dating dictionary. They describe situations that are familiar to everyone. If “ghosting”, “orbiting” and “situationship” seems to have become standard, what to do with “fleabaggers” and “typecasting”?

We introduce to you some new terms in the world of modern relationships that every millennial looking for love in 2020 needs to read.



Term was named after TV series “Fleabag”. Metaphorically, it’s the tendency of a person to meet people who are clearly not suitable for them. According to research data, women most often suffer from this – 68% against 38% for men.



This term refers to situation when someone you’re speaking to online suddenly goes quiet and freezes you out, with no explanation.


Dial Toning

This term describes a situation where someone gives you their phone number and then doesn’t answer the phone. If “hosting” is ignoring due to communication, then “dialtoning” is the result of more casual dating.



It’s a game of good cause, “cause-and-effect relationships”. Most often, 40-year-old singles resort to it. This is a way to connect with exes, pretending that you don’t have no hidden agenda (but it does), and you just want to ask them to participate in charity and something socially important.



This term refers to two people who were difficult to imagine together, but they are in a relationship.



It’s a situation when one person in a couple begins to adopt interests and hobbies of their partner. For example, he begins binge watching “Rick and Morty”, because it’s his girl’s favorite animated series.

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Has it ever happened that you start dating someone, and their “exes” ask you to be friends? This is an “ex’s skeleton in the closet”.


Yellow Carding

It’s a kind of criticism for ignorance of dating etiquette. If “yellow” is a warning, then “red” means – end of communication.



This term describes a situation when you are dating someone who sleeps with someone else because of the lack of communication in your relationship about exclusivity.



It’s a bummer. You were preparing for a date, but at the last moment all your plans fell apart – your date canceled the meeting. 54% of users came across it.



This term describes a situation when someone chooses their partners based on some special criteria. For example, “only bearded” or “only not Gemini”.


Millennial Dating Terms



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