Sexting Examples and Ideas for Dirty Texts That Will Turn Her On

“It doesn’t work with my girlfriend, I won’t even try,” you say and wave. Hey, are you sure that you’re looking at it from the right angle?

It may seem strange, but most women and girls avoid talking about sex, although they are bursting with the desire to discuss this juicy topic! It’s funny!

Take matters into your own hands, write to your beloved first and open the door to the most secret corners of her soul!

Some people find it difficult to start an erotic conversation because they grew up in a society where sex topics are taboo. This may be a religious culture or family tradition — however, it is difficult to talk about sex. A good way to test both yourself and your partner is to send a sexy text message and look at the response.



  • Time for sexting. Choose the right time for a sexy message. If you send at a time when the person is busy, it will not be very good. It’s better to know what your sweetheart is doing at this moment.
  • Emoji for sexting. Use emojis for sexually explicit message. We recommend using emojis to add more expression to your messages. You can use cherries, peaches, bananas, eggplants, pussies, tongue emoticons, and others. It’s all about fantasy and vulgarity of your thinking.
  • Photo for sexting. Sometimes it’s a good idea to send an erotic photo, but not too explicit. Avoid making compromising material against yourself and don’t place your face on the photo. You don’t need to make close-up view of your penis, use a flash, and add extra things to the frame. It’s better to send sex pistol protruding through your clothes than completely naked. It is important to show your high degree of arousal and aesthetic eroticism in the photo, and not repulsive. You should send a beautiful photo that will excite your girl.

Here are some examples of simple, more challenging, and (for some) extreme conversations that you can try out.



If it is your first attempt to arrange sex using sexting, sexy messages should not be too explicit or even vulgar! Gentle sexy messages are what you need for your beloved!

  1. You make me feel so good, baby.
  2. I need you here and now.
  3. You are the most pleasant item on my list of plans for the day.
  4. Would you like to sit on my lap?
  5. You turn me on.
  6. What do you do after work? I have a couple of interesting ideas.
  7. I like your body so much.
  8. I can’t wait to be alone with you.
  9. You smell so good, I could eat you.
  10. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll take care of everything.
  11. I want to run my lips all over your body.
  12. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  13. I want you to give free rein to all your desires.
  14. If you keep looking at me like that, I’m not responsible for myself.
  15. Your entire being is at my mercy.
  16.  Life is too short not to taste sin.
  17. Your skin is so soft.
  18. Your body is driving me crazy.
  19. You’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever met.
  20. I like the fire in your eyes.
  21. I like it when you look at me like that.
  22. Last night I thought about you before I fell asleep.
  23. I like to hear your rapid breathing.
  24. Today I will make you forget everything in my arms.
  25. You look like an angel, but you’re actually a devil.
  26. My head is full of dirty fantasies. And all because of you.
  27. I lie in bed and miss you. When you were around, everything was much more fun.
  28. I’m watching a very interesting video and I plan to repeat what I saw with you.
  29. If I were around, what would we be doing now?
  30. I want you to wear nothing but me tonight.
  31. The only thing I want right now is to be in bed with you.
  32. The thought of you keeps me awake.
  33. You know what looks best together? Our bodies and my silk sheets.
  34. The next time we meet, I want you to forget about taboos.
  35. I found myself unable to do anything because I was thinking about you. What do you suggest I do about it?
  36. The thought of you in my head was so dirty that I had to take a shower.
  37. If you knew what I was thinking, you’d blush from head to toe.
  38. You’re home alone. And I’m alone. Save each other from loneliness?
  39. You are my main fetish.
  40. Art is created to be admired. Your body is an art. You see what I’m getting at?
  41. Let’s say that if I guess the color of your underwear, you send me a picture without it. If I don’t guess, I’ll send you a photo.
  42. I have a good command of the language, and tonight I will demonstrate it to you.
  43. I want to remember the taste of your lips. Help me?
  44. I’d like to see you touch yourself.
  45. I love it when you …
  46. When I think about you, I want to send everything to hell and come to you.
  47. If I were around, you wouldn’t need coffee to cheer you up. Be sure.
  48. Do you miss my touch?
  49. Shall we play Truth or dare 18+?
  50. Have you tried edible underwear?
  51. Do you get turned on by the idea of being caught red-handed?
  52. Have you had any dreams involving me?
  53. Do you often have erotic dreams?
  54. Want to play strip poker?
  55. What clothes do I look sexiest in?
  56. What part of your body is the sexiest to you?
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If you have a beloved girl, then you should remember – Girl should be like coffee: hot, alluring-fragrant, sweet and three times a day!

Sexy text messages cause great sexual tension between young people in a couple, create an atmosphere of lust, attraction and desire while having physical boundaries (distance).

So don’t be afraid to start, your messages will make her ask you to write more, more and more, to get a new dose of pleasure and tremble with excitement.

Many people find it awkward to write intimate things, even to a loved one. Try starting with the examples below. Later, you will have your own ideas and secrets that will be clear only to you two and you will not notice how involved you are.

Sexy text messages to a girl will make her feel desirable, feminine and most loved.

  1. If we were in a more private setting right now, I can’t guarantee that you’d still have any clothes on.
  2. I wonder if you are wearing anything under this dress?
  3. I love touching your body.
  4. I hope you’re not too tired today, because you’re going to need a lot of energy to bear what I’m going to do to you.
  5. I can’t sleep, and I can’t get my mind off the crazy things I would do to you if you were around.
  6. Your clothes will look good on my bedroom floor today.
  7. I bought you new underwear and I want you to wear it tonight.
  8. You inspire me with the dirtiest thoughts, baby.
  9. I’m crazy about you! You are in my heart, in my soul, in my most Frank thoughts.
  10. Show me how wet you are.
  11. You’re perfect! A queen in public and a seductive naughty girl in private.
  12. For me, the most beautiful miracle is to lie next to you, listen to your breath, smell your hair, and run my hands over the curves of your body.
  13. I can’t get out of my head how beautiful and hot you were last night.
  14. What do you like more – whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
  15. You know, I should arrest you for disobedience. Next time I see you, I’ll put you in handcuffs.
  16. I like when you give me blowjob.
  17. I’m ready to spend the whole weekend in bed with you. We won’t be bored.
  18. I can never get enough of you.
  19. Take my sex pistol.
  20. I want to play. I hope you’ll be out of your underwear when I get home.
  21. Relax, lie back and let me bring you to orgasm.
  22. I want to cum on your belly, my little princess.
  23. I only have to write to you with one hand.
  24. It’s so cold outside. We’ll need to get warm tonight.
  25. Tonight at the club, we will have our dance in the darkest corner.
  26. You are incredibly sexy. I want to kiss you from head to toe. Feeling your silky skin.
  27. I love it when you ride me.
  28. This body deserves good sex.
  29. I want you to sit back and let me take care of your pleasure.
  30. I need you right now.
  31. I want to tease you so much that you can’t stand it anymore.
  32. I can’t control myself when I’m around you.
  33. I like it when you caress and kiss my penis.
  34. I miss you so much, I want to touch you. But then I won’t be able to stop…
  35. My sweet candy, I’m going to eat you today!
  36. I have a surprise for you. Hint: in order to get it, you will have to take off your clothes.
  37. Tonight I will undress you without using my hands.
  38. I just want to say that I’m lying in my bed with absolutely no clothes on.
  39. Imagine that you come home and I’m lying naked on your bed. Your actions?
  40. Which part of my body do you miss the most?
  41. Today at your place. You. Me. Dress code is strict – strictly no clothes.
  42. What would you do if I sent you a picture of me without my clothes on?
  43. What’s your dirtiest fantasy?
  44. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done in your life?
  45. I sleep without my clothes on. And you?
  46. Show me what you can do.
  47. I replay the memory of our last night over and over in my head. Especially when … It was delicious.
  48. Why don’t we pretend to be strangers today and do something we’ve never done before?
  49. Ready to spend the whole day between your legs.

Don’t think that you should send them exactly as it is written here. Don’t hesitate to adapt, add and change them as your imagination tells you.




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