You Should Date a Younger Guy

It’s difficult to surprise modern society with the picture “unequal marriage” when a man is noticeably older than his chosen one. But the opposite is true — when a girl is older than her partner — it’s still a matter of gossip and conversations. Maybe prejudices about relationships with such an age disparity come from school. After all, we all remember the words of school teachers: “Boys develop more slowly than girls”, so even people of the same age sometimes seem like toddlers during school years.

Don’t forget that by the age of majority, boys still catch up with girls in emotional and intellectual development, so that the adult relationship of an older girl and a younger boy may be happy and serious. Some of the men will remain childish, because as they say: “A dog that doesn’t grow up is happy to remain a pup”. And it doesn’t mean that you’ll not be able to build a relationship with such a person.

But the relationship with a younger guy can be great if you don’t focus on age disparity and remember the benefits.


You will look better

Any passion is an attractive gleam in the eye and shining blush. A relationship with a younger man pushes you to get slim and prettier with double zeal.


You will be more positive

The younger the guy, the less he managed to get bored with life and be out of conceit with people. He looks at the world more positively. And it’s contagious.

An affair with a younger man inspires and makes you believe in yourself. If a young man falls in love with you, then you look like a superstar. It inspires and ensouls.


He values your inner peace

Be sure: if he fell in love with you, it’s not only with beautiful eyes, but also with your personality. It means that he is mature for his age: he isn’t interested in girls of the same age; he’s attracted by your experience, outlook and ability to make decisions. He values you as an interesting person.


You don’t have to deal with his past

Of course, a guy can have his heart broken by the age of 20. Everyone has a past. But you definitely won’t have to endure his midlife crisis.


You will be admired 24/7

The attention of a mature woman is incredibly flattering to a younger man: he was able to interest a luxurious established person; it means that he’s worth something. This understanding will turn his head every time he looks at you. Get ready to hear “You’re wonderful!” constantly.


You will become more energetic

There is simply no choice but to blossom next to a cheerful young guy. You should expect increased activity and an expanded range of interests. It’ll be easier for you to keep up with the rhythm of the modern world.

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Many people will envy you

A young man next to an older lady is the norm for a long time. And, no matter how hard society clings to outdated stereotypes; deep down you will be envied: “Well, she did!”


Emotional comfort in a relationship

The younger the guy, the more flexible he is psychologically and emotionally. It is easier to convince him of something, he is more willing to hear a different point of view. Hence, there are fewer quarrels and misunderstandings.

Moreover, he will willingly listen to your advice: after all, he’s with you just to learn something.


You will no longer care about other people’s opinions

Even the most advanced of us are forced to keep in mind a ridiculous imposed “truth”: a man in the couple should be older than a woman.
Refusing it, you’ll overcome a kind of “barrier””. You’ll be much less concerned about your grandmother’s advice and the frightened sobs of nervous friends.


You will have lots of great sex

If you’re chosen by a young man, be sure – he thinks you’re very hot. So, your sex will be passionate. Science also supports this argument: the peak of sexual activity in men is 21-25 years, in women – after 30. So an older lady and a younger guy are good for each other in bed.
Moreover, pay attention to his psychological attitude to sex. He sees you as more experienced (even if in fact it’s not), and he is ready to listen to your wishes.


He won’t be jealous of your success

Ego is a very sensitive issue for many men. A man of your age often jealously compares his career and financial success with yours. And if you beat him in some ways — it can become a trauma and drama for him.
The age disparity often negates this point. The guy understands: you had more time to build a career and get the necessary skills. He’ll also be very successful at your age. Everyone can only be happy.


No heavy thoughts about the prospects

An affair with a young guy is subconsciously perceived as something frivolous. And it’ll be very pleasant to feel this unbearable lightness of being: not to think about whether you have a future, and not to wonder what the prospects are.
And the best part is that the prospect is very large. A lot of strong happy couples, where the man is younger, are proof of that. So don’t demonstrate disdain to your young partner and look down on him.


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